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Established in 1994, Interinfo is a specialist genealogy firm. Our researchers are not amateurs. They are experienced professionals in the full meaning of this word. All of them graduated in history from Ukrainian universities. Most of them have over 20 years’ experience in archival research. As professional historians with an in-depth knowledge of Ukrainian archives, they not only know how research should be conducted, but have even acquired a professional feeling where your ancestors’ documents might be filed. Our services include genealogical research, location of lost relatives and probate research. We would be pleased to lend a helpful hand and look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

Here are some references on our work:

“I received the documents yesterday and I was very happy with the information. I never thought I would be able to discover anything about my Hungarian ancestors… I am excited.” 

Loren V.
New Jersey, USA

“Thanks for all your help on this project. We certainly learned some interesting things. Good luck with your work.”

Bill B.
Oregon, USA

“This is exciting news indeed... Best wishes, and thank you so much for the work that you've done.”

Denise C.
Missouri, USA

“Needless to say, the information you sent was very interesting... Thank you for all your work and efforts. I will work at checking out all the information you sent me.”

Shirley P.
Wisconsin, USA

“Thank you for making such a great attempt to find my grandparents... I am so very happy with the information and connections to my Ukrainian family you have found. I am in correspondence with them almost every other day. This is very exciting for our families. I just wish we spoke better Ukrainian! Thank you for everything and for reuniting our family after all these years.”

Erika H.
Ontario, Canada

“I have just read your information and it is wonderful.”

Linda M.
British Columbia, Canada

“We received your envelope with all the information about my relations in Ukraine and Russia last week. Thank you very much, you did a wonderful job and I was impressed that you hand wrote the family trees out with all the information.”

Penny J.
British Columbia, Canada

“I am very pleased indeed with your excellent work and I will miss waiting for emails from you. I have spent almost the last 3 years searching and it feels strange now that I have come to the end of this particular road… I was doubtful at the start whether you would even be able to confirm where my father came from, never mind all the rest as well. Clearly, it pays to use true professionals!”

Michael W.
Herts, England

“Thanks for your email, this is all very interesting. You have been very helpful.”

Alan K.
Hampshire, England

“I have received the package, so many thanks for your hard work here.”

Ronny M.
Middlesex, England

“Thank you for all this information which is very interesting... You have certainly looked into many different archives.”

Melvyn L.
London, England

“I know that you are a professional expert. I highly appreciate your  competence, your punctuality and, indeed, your real selflessness.”

Gary D.
Mevaseret Zion, Israel

“I was highly pleased to hear that you have positive findings... Thanks again for all your efforts, and looking forward to future cooperation with you!”

Orit L.
Tsukey Yam, Israel

“I am also very happy with the results of the research... Thank you again for the efforts and findings.  I will happily recommend you to anyone interested.” 

Yaron P.
Tel Aviv, Israel

"Thank you for the research. You discovered a lot more than I had expected!"

Michael H.
Ramat Gan, Israel

“I and the whole family thank you so much for finding out all these interesting things about my Russian relatives!… So interesting!”

Ulla S.
Hamburg, Germany

“Do you really mean you found everything - from Alpha to Omega? I do commend and thank you for that.”

Wladimir F.
Chatel-Montagne, France

“Many thanks for the documents!”

Aude A.
Paris, France

“Thank you for your work. I keep your address, and I still might need your services.”

David L.
Silly, Belgium

“The report is just fantastic.  It answers a lot of questions for me and I am very pleased that I went ahead with it all. I will be very happy to recommend your services to anyone who needs to trace their relatives in Ukraine... You will be interested to know that I have had a lot of contact with my new family and it is all very exciting.  In fact, I am going to visit them... and my sister and daughter are going with me. I know it will be a very emotional trip and we will all learn a lot about each other. It was a good decision that I made when I asked your company to help me find my family.”

Irene P.
Queensland, Australia

“I am overwhelmed by your interest in my ancestry... Thank you for your services over the last twelve months.”

Alexander R.
Victoria, Australia

“Thank you for everything that you have done. Hopefully I can correspond with the relatives to find out more information… Once again, you have been wonderful in getting us so much information and your help is very much appreciated.”

Peter J.
NSW, Australia

“I would like to say I am very happy with the information I have received thus far. Hopefully I will be corresponding with my relatives soon. I am very impressed by what you have done for me in such a short amount of time… Being able to know where my heritage lies is Fantastic to say the least. Thank you once again for doing a GREAT job.”

Michelle S.
Queensland, Australia

“Thank you for the work done thus far.”

Orest T.
Akaroa, New Zealand

“This is interesting. Thank you very much for this news. I also thank you for the sent photocopies.”

Vlastimil J.
Prague, Czech Republic

“Thank you for the information! Thank you very much for your demanding reseach!”

Juha S.
Toijala, Finland

“A lot of thanks for everything you've done for me! Let me wish you success and good luck for the future.”

Victor S.
Riga, Latvia

“Thanks for the information and for the intensive job you have done. All the best wishes in the great job you are doing!”

Norbertas Z.
Vilnius, Lithuania

“I received everything. Thank you very much. Good job!”

Sergey L.
Moscow oblast (region), Russia

“Great! It's a miracle! By some kind of magic you have found the documents at the last moment. It's a real Easter present for me. Thank you for your work. I wish you every success in your professional endeavors!”

Elena A.
Moscow, Russia

“I am very much grateful to you for the  photocopies of the archive documents you sent me. I have been trying to find them for so long! Thanks!”

Boris B.
Barnaul, Russia

“Thank you for the information. It's the best present for my birthday.”

Ekaterina S.
Moscow, Russia

“The results of your work are exactly what I was looking for.”

Andrey V.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia


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